Burt Julio


I'm a San Diego based artist. I have always had a strong connection with pets. As a Reiki Master and a lifelong student, I take great pleasure in painting that image which captures the endearing love a person has for their extended family members.

Over the past three decades, I have been working as a senior manager within high-tech digital media companies; ranging in content from online education, to VFX for the global film industry, and the latest trends within the VR experience. My professional titles include: Senior Animation Director, Creative Director, VP and GM of International Operations, and Corporate Director of Strategic Operations.

I believe my understanding of how layers, shapes, texture, elements, mass, lighting, depth, hues, color, composition and purpose, work in unison to translate emotion and meaning. My experience with graphics design on computers allows me to use them as a pre-composition tool for capturing the vision of clients prior to starting a painting or illustration.

Over the past decade, my travels have brought me all around Asia where upon my return home, these opportunities were used to hone my illustrative and painting skills.

The Artist - Burt Julio